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Epic Air

New Helmet Liner Offers More Airflow, Better Fit

Team Wendy has launched the EPIC AirTM Combat Helmet Liner System. This new system's many design and technology improvements make it the next generation of Team Wendy's protective helmet liners.

The design incorporates three main pads (front, rear and crown) for impact protection, an assortment of ergonomically designed comfort pads, and patent-pending Air Channeling technology to keep you cooler while maintaining maximum comfort and stability. The comfort pads and Air Channels can be used in any configuration to customize the comfort and fit to each individual user. EPIC AirTM also comes in a variety of cuts and sizes to fit any style of ground combat helmet and is compatible with all styles of communication headsets.


EPIC AirTM uses Team Wendy's patented Zorbium® foam, the same material used in the standard issue pad sets for the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), Marine Lightweight Helmet (LWH), and Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH). This material has consistently been proven to be the most protective on the market due to its unsurpassed impact performance qualities. At Team Wendy, we continue to be "Overprotective and Proud of It.TM"

Click here for more information on EPIC AirTM. Click here to view the product listing - and be sure to take advantage of our 10%-off discount offer below.

The EPIC AirTM Combat Helmet Liner System Includes:

  • One front impact pad
  • One rear impact pad
  • One crown pad
  • 10 comfort pads in various shapes and thicknesses
  • Four Air Channels
  • User Manual

About Team Wendy

Team Wendy is the sole authorized provider of protective helmet pads for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The pads are made with the company's patented Zorbium® foam, a energy-absorbing, multi-impact material engineered by Team Wendy chemists specifically for headgear safety. Team Wendy also manufactures protective equipment for the law enforcement and military vehicle industries. Team Wendy - Overprotective and Proud of It.TM

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Offer Expires: December 10, 2011

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