Kel-Tec Pumps it up with 15-round 12-gauge E-mail


Kel-Tec continues their tradition of impressive and innovative weapons with the introduction of the KSG, a bullpup-style 12-gauge pump that measures just 26.1 inches overall, with a fully legal 18.5-inch barrel.


Two cylinder tubes, each with seven rounds of 2 ¾" 12-gauge, sit under the barrel, and with one in the breech, you can bring a total of 15 rounds to the party. Weight empty is 6.9 lbs; fully loaded you'll be carrying 8.5 lbs. The light weight is sue in part to the grip and stock assembly being made of glass-reinforced nylon.

The operator can select which magazine tube to feed from, allowing different munitions to be carried and deployed, for example, one magazine with slugs, the other with buckshot or tactical munitions.


A picatinny rail on top is provided for sights and the picatinny rail on the pump will take forward grip, tactical light or laser sight.

Spent rounds eject downward, so no worries about being a lefhander. The KSG comes with sling and a soft rubber butt pad. Field stripping is simple, and requires no tools other than a coin to unscrew the barrel and pump assembly.

Expect to see this shotgun available for $880 MSRP.  Learn more at

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