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DeSantis expands product line to assist first responders E-mail


It's "in the bag" with the DeSantis EDP Bag, perfect for safe, easy and secure carry and transport of Emotionally Disturbed Persons.

Karbon Arms: The Definition of Strength E-mail

Karbon Arms

Karbon Arms is a leading provider of electronic immobilization products. Almost 100,000 individuals have been trained to use Karbon products. The Multi-Purpose Immobilization Device (MPID) is Karbon's flagship product. Innovative, officer-friendly features such as a cartridge eject buttons, 22-foot range cartridge, 345 nm laser, off-the-shelf batteries, and a rugged unibody frame construction accent the exterior of the MPID.

OPTIM Fiberscope Sees It All E-mail


Optim's Security and Law Enforcement FreedomView LED Fiberscope delivers exceptional mobility, maximum flexibility, and superior resolution, enabling law enforcement officers to see inside gas tanks, contraband "hides," concealed areas and behind closed doors with greater ease and efficiency.



Brownells is now the exclusive distributor of the XRAIL shotgun magazine extension.

Manufactured by Roth Concept Innovations (RCI) of Appleton, Wisconsin, the XRAIL System is an auto-indexing loader for shotguns. The full-size version carries up to 22 shotshells without altering the gun.

"There are various high-capacity solutions for the shotgun, but RCI's XRAIL System has the versatility to be used on more than one shotgun," said company President Pete Brownell.

The XRAIL frame is made of hard-coated black-anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It attaches to the magazine tube on the front of Mossberg, Winchester, FNH, Benelli, Remington, and other shotguns. Shells are loaded into the XRAIL's storage tubes, which are made of black nylon or clear polycarbonate.

VirTra Introduces World’s Highest Resolution Simulated Shooting Range E-mail


VirTra Systems announced that for the first time in history a virtual shooting range is able to accurately replicate the look of a live fire range. By using the latest in high-resolution projection systems, the VirTra Range LETM is able to replicate the visual experience of an actual indoor AND outdoor shooting range.

Kel-Tec’s PF-9: Lighter, Smaller, Flatter E-mail


Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc., has a well-deserved reputation for innovative and affordable firearms, from pistols to rifles (with a new shotgun that will amaze everyone, but that's a story for later).

Their latest entry (it was introduced to the market in late 2006) into the concealable personal protection line is the PR-9, a 9mm sub-compact pistol that weighs in at just 18.2 ounces, with a full 7-round magazine and one in the chamber.

It's a small handful, just 5.85 inches long, 4.3" high, and at .88 inches wide, this is a pistol that will tuck into waistband or ankle holster with barely a bulge.

TruSpec Combat Shirt Review E-mail


Defend your base with the TruSpec Combat Shirt

TruSpec's Cordura Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 blend of cotton and nylon, is the building block of their Combat Shirt. Part of their Tactical Response Unit line of clothing, the "No Melt, No Drip Cordura Baselayer fabric" (to give its full name), is a functional as it is comfortable. It feels like cotton, wears like nylon, and wicks away sweat to keep you dry and warm.

A recent wear and usage test of TruSpec's Combat Shirt, in which the tester exercised, ran half a mile and then stopped all motion and sat down as though deploying to a surveillance site, showed this shirt to be hard-working and reliable. The weather conditions were cool and damp, a perfect test for a baselayer designed for the varying conditions an operator might experience in a working day. The tester reported staying warm, comfortable. Sweat was wicked away and the tester stayed comfortable. The shirt felt dry even as it did its job of wicking away the sweat.
If things go downhill and the operator is exposed to fire, the fabric, while not labeled or sold as fire-retardant, will not melt or drip, offering a level of protection not available in the usual polypropylene undergarmanets.



Enhanced Twin Task Line Provides C4® LED Technology, Multiple Lighting Modes

EAGLEVILLE, PA, February 17, 2011 - Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance flashlights, today introduced all-LED versions of its popular Twin-Task® line of work lights. Each of the new models features all-LED light sources that provide multiple lighting modes, including a smooth, penetrating beam for distance as well as up to two additional settings for wide area lighting tasks and long run times.

"Our Twin-Task flashlights are some of our most versatile lights, used by law enforcement, automotive, construction and maintenance and repair professionals, as well as do-it-yourselfers and outdoor enthusiasts," said Ray Sharrah, Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer. "These latest versions of our Twin-Task line feature a choice of power sources that incorporate the latest in LED technology to enhance both their brightness and utility for users."

New Heavy Duty Partition from Go Rhino! Products Public Safety Division E-mail

Go Rhino

Go Rhino! unveils their new heavy duty Partition. Now available is a sliding window partition as well as a 50/50 partition with a flat panel option or a recessed panel option. They are easy to install with no drilling necessary. The partitions have adjustable mounting to conform to officers of all sizes without purchasing multiple brackets.

Virtra Systems Immersive Reality Training is “As Real As It Gets” E-mail


Five-screen and surround sound of System 300 delivers training developed from real situations.

I was by myself, walking along the top deck of the parking garage when a guy appeared from behind a car with a tire iron in his hand. After being told to drop the tire iron and produce some ID, he raised his arm and began to argue.


Flashlight is Given Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1 Designation

EAGLEVILLE, PA, February 1, 2011 - Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance flashlights for professionals, announced a new product, the PolyStinger® LED HAZ-LO®. The ultra-bright rechargeable flashlight is the first intrinsically safe, Class 1, Division 1 light in the popular Stinger® series, and is designed for use by professionals who face potentially hazardous conditions on the job.

Using patented C4® LED technology, the new light provides extreme brightness while delivering a tight beam with optimum peripheral illumination. The combination of the power LED and Streamlight's expert engineering delivers 130 lumens measured system output and 15,000 candela peak beam intensity for 4 hours on the high setting, and 50 lumens and 5,700 candela for 12 hours on the low setting. The PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO also has a moonlight mode, allowing for 20 days of continuous runtime at 120 candela and 1.3 lumens.

Due to its construction and performance, the PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO has been approved by USTC as an intrinsically safe Class 1, Division 1 flashlight for use in hazardous locations, atmospheres and environments, including petro-chemical, utility and other heavy industrial applications.

Gloves for Professionals’ SSD 900 delivers comfort, warmth and tactical functionality E-mail

Gloves for Professionals

Gloves for Professionals (GFP) is excited to introduce its 900 Soft Shell Duty Glove. The glove provides the durability and usability for all tactical work while delivering a sleek look. With a specialized griptrax palm and pre-articulated fingers, the SSD 900 glove allows for maximum dexterity and a natural fit. These features make the SSD 900 ideal for the law enforcement professional who needs to handle a weapon.

In addition to this functional comfort, the "SSD 900" provides a wind and water resistant liner with a 40 gram Thinsulate lining enhancing warmth and durability. The Scotchlite overlay on the back of the hand provides added safety and style.

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