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Team Wendy Launches EPIC Air E-mail

Epic Air

New Helmet Liner Offers More Airflow, Better Fit

Team Wendy has launched the EPIC AirTM Combat Helmet Liner System. This new system's many design and technology improvements make it the next generation of Team Wendy's protective helmet liners.

The design incorporates three main pads (front, rear and crown) for impact protection, an assortment of ergonomically designed comfort pads, and patent-pending Air Channeling technology to keep you cooler while maintaining maximum comfort and stability. The comfort pads and Air Channels can be used in any configuration to customize the comfort and fit to each individual user. EPIC AirTM also comes in a variety of cuts and sizes to fit any style of ground combat helmet and is compatible with all styles of communication headsets.

Kel-Tec Pumps it up with 15-round 12-gauge E-mail


Kel-Tec continues their tradition of impressive and innovative weapons with the introduction of the KSG, a bullpup-style 12-gauge pump that measures just 26.1 inches overall, with a fully legal 18.5-inch barrel.

Read more... Offers the Uzi Protector Watch in Three Variations E-mail, the leading online source for law enforcement professionals, is proud to offer the newest, brilliant, affordable, tactical Uzi Watch designed to keep accurate time under all conditions, in any light or no light at all. The Uzi Protector Tritium Watch is available with a Stainless Steel Band, Diver's Style Rubber Strap, or an Extra-long Nylon/Velcro Strap-ready to serve in practically every situation. delivers the Uzi Protector Tritium Watch with aggressive design and useful features that make it an excellent choice for both on duty and off... at an aggressively attractive price.


Pelican Products has introduced the Pelican 1910 and 1920 LED flashlights as tough-as-nails, bright illumination for glove compartments, travel bags, tool kits and anyone who needs a powerful and compact LED flashlight.

Powered by a single AAA alkaline battery, the Pelican 1910 LED packs power without the weight at 1.4 ounces (with batteries) and an extremely efficient LED that shines 39 lumens for one hour of battery runtime.

Weighing in at 2.2 ounces (with batteries), the Pelican 1920 LED utilizes two AAA alkaline cells and a single, next-generation LED to emit an ANSI FL-1 standard 67 lumens for nearly three hours of runtime.

Always Look Your Best with Anchor Uniforms E-mail

Anchor Uniforms

Anchor Uniform Mfg. reflects quality and safety by specializing in high quality outerwear and rainwear that will meet all of your uniform needs. From Class A uniforms to High Visibility Garments (and everything in between) we strive to do our best, to make you look your best.

We work with nationally known retailers as well as many police, fire and governmental agencies. Corporations like our products because we manufacture special colors, styles, and sizes.

Irrefutable Evidence Captured with Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Concealable Video Camera E-mail, the leading online source for law enforcement professionals, is proud to provide Law Enforcement officials with the ability to collect irrefutable digital video and audio evidence captured using the Smith & Wesson Concealable Video Camera and Audio/Visual Evidence Collector. In addition this unit offers protection from those who want to frivolously harm law enforcement officials with false claims and baseless law suites.

Coatesville, PA ( September 7, 2011 - now offering the Smith & Wesson Concealable Video Camera and Audio/Visual Evidence Collector. This unit gives the ability to record irrefutable evidence in one of two compact, concealable mini-cams.

Mossberg Introduces 500 Thunder Ranch Shotgun E-mail


Designed In Conjunction with Renowned Personal Defense Instructor, Clint Smith

For decades, the legendary Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun has been selected by the military, law enforcement agencies and civilians worldwide for its rock-solid durability and superior reliability; simply known as a tool that you can count on. A similar tenet is expressed by Marine Corps veteran and former SWAT team member, Clint Smith, who serves as President and Director of Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon. When discussing the school's doctrines, Smith emphasized, "We provide our students with functional and logical defensive tools that they can confidently use." The newly-introduced, well-designed 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun is the culmination of Smith's life experiences and Mossberg's dedication to build dependable and innovative firearms.

Timberland PRO Valor Boots: Made for Working E-mail

Timberland PRO, a leader in occupational footwear, is introducing its newly redesigned Timberland PRO Valor line of lightweight footgear designed for public safety professionals. This advanced line of footwear features dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology, a system that provides for extended wear and increased standing tolerance.

"Public safety professionals often work extended shifts in challenging conditions," said Bert Spiller, Director of Product Development. "We developed an Anti-Fatigue Technology insole that absorbs shock, providing extended wear and performance for those who demand comfort long after their shift ends."

Kahr Offers Israeli-Made Desert Eagle for Limited Time E-mail

Kahr Arms and Magnum Research are proud to announce that they will be reintroducing the IWI Classic Desert Eagle pistol for a limited time.

The Desert Eagle pistol is the most recognizable of all the firearms from 25-year-old company Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI). Appearing in over 500 motion pictures and TV films, its distinctive appearance has made the Desert Eagle a handgunning icon worldwide!

Read more... Now Offers Three New Rocky Boot Styles E-mail is now offering public safety professionals three new Rocky boot styles. These newly added boots include the ProLight 8-inch Duty Boot, the TrailStalker Duty Hiker and Duty Oxford as well as the 1st Med 8-inch EMS Boot. has added three new styles of boots to the 27 Rocky boots now available to public safety professionals.

Shooting Simulator Receives Audio Upgrade E-mail


VirTra Systems, the higher standard in firearms training simulators, has updated its ground-breaking firearms training simulators with a new subwoofer option that further enhances training scenario immersion.

The option, available on the VirTra 180-degree simulator and 300-degree simulator, enables customers to improve scenario realism with a powerful 600-watt subwoofer that intensifies low-pitched audio frequencies.

Introducing the Mossberg Modern Rifle (MMR™) E-mail


MMR Hunter and MMR Tactical Rifles Bring Mossberg into AR World

North Haven, CT - Though referred to as the "modern rifle", the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle has been deployed with military personnel and law enforcement agencies for decades; and more recently, this very adaptable and versatile platform has become popular with recreational shooters and hunters alike. Mossberg is pleased to offer MMR Hunter rifles with advanced features specifically-designed for the avid hunter and a line of MMR Tactical rifles configured with the components most highly desired by competitive shooters and tactical operators. The initial offerings of the MMR Hunter and MMR Tactical rifles will be chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem).

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