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Cops do reduce crime E-mail
Written by Heather MacDonald   
New York City just ended 2007 with the lowest number of murders – below 500 – since 1963, the last year exact comparisons are possible. This homicide drop, from a high of 2,245 in 1990, is unmatched anywhere in the country or in the annals of policing. It is long past time for New Yorkers to acknowledge the debt that they owe to their police force. But the significance of the city's crime drop extends beyond the metropolis.
Top ten signs a recession is coming E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

1. Everyone's talking about their paycheck, not just cops.

2. Oil is $100 a barrel.

3. States crack down on illegal labor and Microsoft moves manufacturing to Canada and Mexico.

4. You're seriously considering cashing in the 401K and hiding the loot in the mattress.

5.Smart people are hoarding canned goods.

6. The White House says the economy is just fine and dandy.

7. Two words: "sub-prime mortgage."

8. Our two strongest exports are mercenaries and MTV.

9. We blew social security in the war on terror.

10. You can just kind of feel it.

Letters to editor E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

Criticism misplaced

The Taser Foundation was recently criticized in a national daily newspaper for hosting a poker tournament dubbed, "Beauty and the Bet." The event featured Playboy bunnies to help raise funds to benefit the families of officers killed in the line of duty. The article intimated that there was some controversy between the Taser Foundation and Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS). I don't think that is so. But you have to read the article carefully.

No more chases E-mail
Written by Ed Lucas   
I'm the chief of the small city of Bayou Vista on the outskirts of Galveston, Texas. I've worked as a lieutenant, sergeant and deputy for the Harris County Sheriff's Department for over 20 years. Over that time I've been involved in many pursuits. In 1982, I shot and killed a young boy who was fleeing in a stolen vehicle. In 1991, I was the lead vehicle in a pursuit that reached speeds of more than 100 mph when the suspect went the wrong way on Interstate 45 towards Dallas.
FLSA suit won E-mail
Written by Chief Bill Brenner   
I recently was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Big Horn County for violating FLSA regulations. I wanted you to know that American Police Beat played a big role in helping me put this suit together. After reading an article on Will Atchison and how he helped the Honolulu Police Department win a suit for back overtime and other FLSA violations, I contacted Atchison. It's all history from there. 
Top ten signs you need a raise E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

1. You did the math and realized it will take 20,000 hours of overtime to pay for one year of college for one of your kids.

2. You're seriously considering taking a position with a security firm that will pay you 20 percent more than you make now to work in Kazakhstan.

3. The last time you could afford to take your wife out for dinner and a movie, E.T. was playing in theaters.

4. You're actively pushing for a take-home car program because your Gremlin was repossessed.

5. Your body armor allowance is eighty-five whole dollars.

6. You live in St. Paul, and you're taking the family on a two-day vacation to Minneapolis.

7. You were alarmed to find out there's no such thing as a fourth mortgage.

8. The under-paid public servant routine is wearing thin on your wife's wealthy father.

9. Your oldest just graduated from college and you immediately hit her up for a loan.

10. You're a rookie with the NYPD.

Code Red E-mail
Written by Jim Polan   
Law enforcement in America is under attack. As of November 2, 2007 there have been 150 law enforcement officer deaths, which would put the profession on pace for the deadliest year since the early 1980s. So far this year there have been 58 officers killed by gunfire. The average tour of duty is ten years and 8 months, the average age is 37. Experienced veteran officers are falling for unknown reasons. In 2005 there were a total of 2,150 law enforcement officers assaulted with firearms.
Difficult time for the Chicago P.D. E-mail
Written by Fr. Tom Nangle   
We are living through one more very tough time  at the Chicago Police Department. It’s “beat-down” time for our agency and the punches and kicks are coming from the media, clergy, and politicians, as well as some folks who just don’t like authority figures. After the usual disclaimer about bad apples in the barrel, where does this beat-down leave the men and women of the Chicago Police Department who stand for roll call and go out and  hit the streets to serve and protect this city?
Innovation has its price E-mail
Written by Lee Baca   
The recent criticism of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reminded me of a statement President Kennedy made in 1961 regarding his reform-minded approach to Latin America, which at the time was causing consternation among many of the old guard in government: “My experience in government is that when things are non-controversial, beautifully coordinated and all the rest, it may be that there is not much going on,” he said.
Don't dial 90# E-mail
Written by Ted Hunt   
I received this e-mail from a newsletter for security professionals. I wanted to alert cops around the country about it. – Ted Hunt (LAPD-Ret.) I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T service technician who was conducting a test on the telephone lines.
Listening works E-mail
Written by Christopher Schneider   

Several years ago, I started wearing 5.11 Tactical pants, tactical shirts, holster shirts, socks, boots and jackets on and off duty. After contacting the company, I was invited to participate in some product development meetings where several officers got to talk about what works and what doesn’t in the field.

Legacy of accomplishment E-mail
Written by Mike Bertolone   
I wanted APB readers around the country to know about a true law enforcement advocate who has served my community for over a decade - Bernard S. Giliberti. Giliberti was the founding president of the Monroe County (NY) Law Enforcement Association and has recently stepped down from the post because he is retiring from the the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.
Does anyone care about disabled police officers? E-mail
Written by Johanna Jacinto   

I'm an avid reader of American Police Beat and the wife of a police officer. I just read Ron Ouellette's piece, "Disabled officers forgotten" which I agree with completely. A few weeks ago, I went on the internet to find a reputable organization that deals with the needs of injured police officers and I did not find one.

Opportunistic Crime E-mail
Written by STEVE REMIGE   
The definition of “opportunistic crime” should give managers at the LA Sheriff’s Department enough reason to restore sworn personnel staffing at our county custody facilities to safe levels.
Peace Officer Appreciation E-mail
Written by Tom Wetzel   
During the month of May, police officers will step off Peace Officers Memorial Day Parades throughout the country in honor of our fellow brothers and sisters in blue who lost their lives in the line of duty.
PTSD is a killer E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
Unfortunately one of the threats to the health and wellbeing of law enforcement people is stress and PTSD. Many times the great accomplice to these killers is the department and administration that we work for.
Top Ten signs the suspect is not a serious terrorist E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

1. He’s declared a jihad on illegal aliens from the planet Voltar.

2. His “dirty-bomb” was actually just a plastic bag with a used diaper encased in leftover Indian food.

3. He brought footage of his terror-cell’s training exercises to a Circuit City in New Jersey to get it converted to DVD.

4. She’s wearing a T-shirt that says, “Evil-Doer.”

5. He has indicated that there’s a bomb placed somewhere in the city and he will detonate if his pizza does not arrive in 20 minutes.

6. She was kicked out of the Earth Liberation Front for owning a Hummer.

7. Bomb-threat called into school on finals day by dumbest kid in the class.

8. His plan is to strap missiles to Penguins and set them loose in South Dakota.

9. He says he wants the head of the American infidel called Batman.

10. All of her training came out of the book, “An Idiot’s Guide to Holy War.”



Top ten signs kids are out of control E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

1.Your agency just ordered 1,200 sets of “mini-cuffs.”

2.You grounded junior, and he cut the power lines to the house.

3.You just watched your neighbor’s daughter beat the crap out of the mailman on Youtube.

4.You asked your kid where he got the money for the drugs and he told you he cashed the check he got from the city during the gun buy-back.

5.There was a shooting at the Nickelodeon Awards.

6.You tried to give a friend’s kid a “time out” and he just served you with a restraining order.

7.Instead of the “birds and the bees” talk, you tell your kids about the dangers of mixing pills and booze.

8.Your bumper sticker says, “My kid’s on the honor roll at Riker’s Island.”

9.You’re sleeping in your body armor because you took the Playstation away.

10. When you see a group of pre-teen girls, you cross the street and hope for the best.



Top ten signs you weren't cut out for police work E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

1.You're a Pagan/Lesbian activist with felony busts in three states.

2.Two words - hyperactive bladder.

3.You think most criminals, "are just misunderstood."

4.The last time you exercised was during Reagan's second term.

5.You get carsick.

6.Your psychological profile contains the phrase, "Prone to explosive bouts of rage triggered by mild stress."

7.You failed out of mercenary college and law enforcement's your fallback.

8.The words "Born to Kill" are tattooed on your forehead.

9.You want to be rich someday.

10. You're a washed up celebrity on a reality show called "Armed and Famous."

Award to Cynthia Brown well deserved E-mail
Written by David Putnam, Alamo City Gold   

About five years ago I saw a publication for police officers. I was impressed with how the magazine was organized to make it reader friendly and decided to advertise my product in it.

Bravery needs a just reward E-mail
Written by Kristin Mcrae   

There is a police officer with the City of Tampa who did something really heroic to protect me a little while back. For the longest time I couldn't remember a lot of details, but slowly my memories are returning.

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