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    Couple allowed children, animals to live in ubelievable filth

    Recently in our county there was another case of animal neglect. This story has been ongoing for weeks with the newest update that there were at least 3 children involved.

    The two people had 2 horses, 37 dogs, 1 ferret, 7 guinea pigs, 13 cats and 133 rabbits. According to one of the local papers, many of the animals were emaciated and had to be fed hourly by volunteers, workers and vets from around the state. One of the dogs, a golden retriever, weighed only 27 pounds. Volunteers have been helping out, including employees of the sheriff's department.

    The worst part of this whole story is the young children that had to live in unimaginable filth. I don't know what conditions the children were found in but I'm sure they were undernourished as well and possibly had health problems.

    Couple to appear on neglect charges | wisconsinrapidstribune.com | Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

    The only good thing I can say about the situation, is how people from around the state have responded to the news of the animal neglect. I think once people find out there were other children involved and just what conditions they lived under, I think people will respond to that as well just as they had before with the animals.

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    Never that many animals in one place but I have seen some deplorable conditions for children in my time. Some of which are probably still in effect. Our child welfare system at work.
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    Always heartbreaking when it come to Children, animals and even the elderly who can not fend for themselves. Luckily I have never had to deal with such massive neglect of animals, sadly can not say the same for the Children and elderly.

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