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    CHP officer narrowly avoids injury when car veers off CA State Highway 99

    This happened just a few miles or less from where I live. I am so glad that the CHP officer was not injured on this traffic stop. Otherwise I could very well be posting this in Officer Down. Very Close Call. Officer Peregoy must have seen this coming and had some guardian angels watching out for him.


    CHP officer narrowly avoids injury when car veers off 99

    last updated: January 02, 2008 01:29:55 PM

    A California Highway Patrol officer had to leap into oleander bushes to avoid being hit by an out-of-control car New Year's morning after a routine traffic stop on Highway 99 near Turlock.

    Officer J.B. Peregoy wasn't injured, but the rear of his patrol car was smashed.

    The CHP said Peregoy was parked on the side of the highway south of Hatch Road at 7:52 a.m. The officer had pulled over a car driven by Zenia Duarte, 28, of Turlock, whose Chevrolet was parked in front of him.

    Richard F. Bernal, 22, of Ceres was driving a Honda northbound about 70 mph when he switched lanes to pass one car, then veered back to avoid hitting another car. Bernal hit his brakes, skidded onto the road shoulder and toward Peregoy and Duarte.

    The officer jumped to safety before Bernal's vehicle hit the empty CHP car. The CHP car then bumped Duarte's car, with her inside. Duarte received precautionary medical treatment at the scene by ambulance personnel, but she declined medical aid. Her car had no visible damage.

    Neither Bernal nor Peregoy was injured.

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    I live right there to. I live off of the Hemett exit.

    That is tough!

    Are prayers are with him.

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    thats only a few hours from where im at.

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    We have had a lot of officers injured and killed by out of control vehicles that veer into parker patrol cars. No one said it was an easy job or safe! Thank God he was not injured.
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