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Written by Tom Wetzel   

Most of the men and women who enter police work will strive to protect and serve members of their communities with distinction. They will work with their peers and risk their lives to make their particular jurisdictions a safe place to live and work. But there will also always be officers who look to expand beyond their borders to make those they serve safer.  These officers will commit to go way "above and beyond" by working more and investing personally into their visions. 

Often with nothing more than a good idea, they will develop that idea into something that can have a real impact.

One officer who is making a serious difference for many is Henry Brettrager, a northeast Ohio veteran officer with 27 years of experience. His background includes everything from being a training officer to working as an adjunct professor teaching classes on proactive police management.

Always concerned with officer safety, Henry is always looking for more effective ways for officers to defend themselves against attacks. This passion led him to develop a program known as the

Sudden Assault Response System or S.A.R.S. for short.

For Henry and the S.A.R.S. trainers, this is a labor of love spurred on with the knowledge that their efforts are helping keeping officers from getting injured or even killed.  Henry and his trainers have been travelling and certifying officers not just here in the United States but in Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom as well.  

Instead of teaching complicated tactics that most officers are unlikely to practice with regularity, the S.A.R.S. program relies on seven basic locking techniques which can be utilized in various applications. These moves flow smoothly into other actions.  

The S.A.R.S. techniques enable the officer to take control of a combative subject, gets the cuffs on and maintain control until more help arrives.

The program also fits in with other tactical training an agency may already be using. S.A.R.S. is not intended to replace a department's current system but rather enhance the program.  

“This system will easily mix in with other defensive tactics systems, noted one officer. Another added that . . . “the S.A.R.S. system give me a lot of flexibility and options.”

To learn more about the program, visit the S.A.R.S.' website at or contact Officer Brettrager at 440.477.2072.

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