You cops are just like the Nazis! E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

Let’s face it- some of the people running for office in this country have lost the plot entirely. And that’s assuming that they were in fact previously tethered to the reality-based community. According to the Arizona Republic, Republican congressional candidate and hotel owner Gary Kiehne was complaining to reporters recently about police.

He told reporters about problems he had trying to get employees through police checkpoints during the 2011 Wallow Fire.

Kiehne reportedly said that the police manning the checkpoints were like Nazi SS agents. He allegedly said the police officers were all too willing “to shoot you and me.”

A campaign spokesman for Kiehne, Chris Baker, wrote in an email to the Republic trying to explain away the fact that Kiehne compared peace officers to Nazis.

Baker said that his boss’s words were taken out of context.

He said that Kiehne “always wondered how German soldiers in [World War II] could turn on their own people with martial law, but after seeing martial law implemented during the Wallow Fire, he understood how it could happen.”

What’s great about that is the fact that the candidates spokesman actually confirmed that Kiehne’s words were reported in context, not taken out of it.

Police associations generally back the most conservative candidate for office but this Kiehne guy’s just too “out there.”  

The Arizona Police Association and the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police have both called for Kiehne to withdraw from the race.

In a letter, the Fraternal Order of Police said that the candidate had “lost any and all credibility,”

“It’s rare that a candidate for the United States Congress makes a statement as repugnant and offensive as your comments to the Arizona Republic,” the letter continued. “We need adults in office, Mr. Kiehne. For that reason alone, you should terminate your campaign immediately.”

But Kiehne does not seem the type to gracefully bow out when he should.

Wackos generally double-down as a rule because they understand that there is an international plot to keep them down and pretty much everyone is out to get them- especially the cops working traffic details at the scene of a massive fire.

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