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City Politicians take gun away from True Blue Sister who is battling terminal cancer - They want her in a forced retirement just months before her 25 years of service - Her Chief went against the order and stood up for this Hero - Now we need to stand up and step up for one of our own!

A Law Enforcement Officer serves with Courage and with Compassion, Bravery and Benevolence. He or She will give selflessly to the People and do so with all their heart and soul simply because it is who they are and what they were born to do. But what happens when our Protectors become unprotected by the city they so valiantly serve?

Fort Worth (TX) Police Department's Police Officer D.D. Willingham has been serving light duty for the past two years while battling lung cancer. ]

This past week, the City Of Fort Worth told Sister DD that she will be let go because she has a non-work related illness and must take early retirement since she can not return to full duty ... due to policy. In other words, these politicians are going to kick this 24 1/2 year veteran Officer to the curb simply because words written on a piece of paper dictates so.

In fact, on Wednesday 09 April, human resources demanded Ofc. Willingham to turn in her badge and gun. Chief Halstead immediately left a benefit luncheon, retrieved Sister DD's weapon and returned it to her.

And if you think this is an isolated incidence, think again.

Another FWPD Officer has been unable to return to full duty due to illness and the city took his badge and gun the day after taking Ofc. Willingham's.

The chief once again stepped in and returned the badge and gun to his officer. Chief Jeff Halstead wants this policy changed, and now. The FWPOA is also fighting to have this policy changed.

Ofc. Willingham has used up all her sick and leave time. Though many, many fellow Officers have donated time, it is not enough to see her to her 25th anniversary which is this September, when she can collect her full retirement and benefits.

She was forced to take out a $32,000 loan in order to buy time, this on top of all her other medical bills. The Fort Worth Police Officers Association, fellow Officers, and community members have held fundraisers to help pay back this huge loan.

There is also an online donation fund available for anyone who would like to help this True Blue Warrior Hero and ease the burden so that she can focus on herself and fight this personal cancer battle. This is the link to donate online : http://www.gofundme.com/DD-Willingham

This is also a wake-up for all of our LEOs to check their own agency's policies to better prepare for a whole new battle.

Our Sister, you are not alone. We will fight right along side of you as you have done for others for so long.

Our thoughts and praeyrs are with you and your family. Keep fighting tough Warrior! -from all of us at True Blue Warriors- www.facebook.com/truebluewarriors copyright2014 TrueBlueWarriors.org FWPD: https://www.fortworthpd.com/ FWPOA: http://www.fwpoa.org/

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