Troopers feed their kids roadkill in LePage's Maine E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

Maine Governor Paul LePage is what is referred to in the media as a “quote machine.” LePage is widely considered one of the most conservative public officials in the US and has a problem with just about everybody. Once LePage said a Democratic lawmaker, Sen. Troy Jackson of Aroostook County, "claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline."  He also really hates the media, although that’s hardly unique when the press has a lower approval rating besides anyone but Congress. And it’s not just one paper the Gov. has issues with- it’s every single newspaper in the Pine Tree State. "Reading newspapers in the state of Maine is like paying somebody to tell you lies," LePage once told reporters. So what about the fine men and women that make up the ranks of state public employees?

Surely LePage doesn’t hate them as much as democrats and the media.

"The problem is the middle management of the state is about as corrupt as you can be. Believe me, we're trying every day to get them to go to work, but it's hard," LePage told reporters.

Needless to say, Paul’s a pretty colorful guy and a rock star in activist conservative circles.

But what’s it like to work in a state where the head honcho governs primarily through rage and retribution? Well if you’re a Maine State Trooper it can be pretty challenging.

According to articles in the New York Daily News and the Bangor Daily News, a Maine State trooper says he had to resort to picking up dead animals off the road to feed his family of six after LePage’s because budget cuts left them with no other options.

"I do not hesitate to collect a deer carcass from the roadway; this is necessary to provide for my family," Trooper Jon Brown said.

LePage would likely say it’s just more sour grapes from an overpaid public employee living high on the hog off the taxpayer’s dime. But so far the governor has been smart to keep his trap shut.

Brown told state lawmakers about the fact that his family was surviving in part on roadkill for nutrition while testifying in support of a bill (LD 1639) that would restore $6 million over a two-year budget cycle to state funds according to an article in the Bangor Daily News.

Dozens of state workers attended the hearing, including one of Brown’s colleagues.

Both Brown and Trooper Elgin Physic are military veterans which of course makes how they're being trated all the more outrageous. 

They told the Maine State Legislature's Appropriations Committee that the state's wage freeze from 2009 has had a devastating impact on the quality of life for their families.

"Due to the merit stoppage, this year, I had to sell my wife's engagement ring, military souvenirs from the war and other personal items just to make ends," Physic said.

Physic also told lawmakers that he’s taken out more than $20,000 in loans to feed his kids. He’s even trying to sell his home and find an apartment that he can afford.

Gov. LePage and his ilk like to paint cops, teachers, firefighters, postal employees and everyone else that works in the public sector as crooks milking the system and living a lifestyle like the rich and famous. The reality is slightly different.

Trooper Physic has to buy heating oil by the gallon because he can’t afford the minimum amount for delivery, he said. His children sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because of the cold after they run out of fuel.

"At times I have not paid my mortgage just to feed my family," he said.

And here’s what guys like LePage, Scott Walker, Rick Snyder and other governors would rather not discuss. These two cops aren’t even asking for a raise despite the fact they haven’t had one in five years.

Physic told the Daily News that they were not asking for a pay increase but just wanted the state to hold up its end of a legal contract signed by both negotiating parties when Brown and Physic joined the force.

"I just want to make it clear," he said. "It's really about the agreement that was made by our union and the state."

The Maine State Legislature's Office of Fiscal & Program Review did not return the Daily News' request for comment.

That’s a smart move. Sophisticated politicians no there’s nothing to be gained by defending the indefensible.

If you want to get sense of why LePage is so popular in some circles watch the video clip below:

They're all parasites and I was one once too

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