Husband Tases wife after Bears beat Packers E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

Let’s be honest. Boozing football-fans that are married and support different teams should not make bets that involve the use of ECDs (electronic control devices like Tasers.)  It’s dangerous enough for a Bears fan to be married to a Packers fan. Throw alcohol and less lethal weapons into the mix and odds are someone’s calling 911.

According to the Chicago Tribune, John M. Grant, 42, of Tinley Park and his wife watched the Bears beat the Packers at a bar in Wisconsin recently.

Grant told police he and his wife made a bet that he could use a Taser on her if the Bears won.

Police say witnesses told them the couple was in the alley smoking a cigarette when Grant went ahead and tased his wife “two times on her buttocks,” according to the criminal complaint filed in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Grant’s wife called police.

It’s unclear if she thought her husband wasn’t serious about the bet or if she’s just a sore loser that didn’t want to honor her end of the bizarre and poorly thought-out gambling arrangement.

“Hell yeah it hurt,” she said, according to police.

Grant was charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon.

“It takes not only the Packer and Bear rivalry to a new level, it takes the spousal rivalry (to a new level),”Mayville Police Chief Christopher MacNeill told Tribune reporters.

“There are couples where the wife is a fan of one team and the husband’s a fan of another team, but this raises the bar a little bit and goes to the extreme.”

For the investigators and attorneys charged with getting to the bottom of this thing it looks like it’s going to be a tough one.

Grant’s wife told police she had not given consent for anyone to use a Taser.

But when police checked a video on her cell phone and saw husband tasing his wife, she is seen “laughing and it seemed apparent that Ms. Grant had consented,” the arresting officer wrote in the complaint.

“As a police officer, you always expect there to be some kind of disturbances when rival teams are playing,” Chief MacNeill said, especially when it’s the Bears and Packers. “But with something like this, it was completely unexpected and I think a lot of people were in disbelief this actually took place.”

Christopher Neu, who owns Sidelines, said he didn’t think the incident was malicious or involved anything in the way of criminal intent.

“They had a running bet that the loser would get Tasered by the winner,” Neu said. “Obviously she lost.”

Maybe next time the Grants can just make a bet where the loser does the dishes for a month. That would definitely save a lot of time, embarrassment and police resources.

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