NFL to cops- no off-duty carry at games E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

Another day another controversy. Today’s kerfuffle involves a decision by the NFL to prohibit off-duty police officers attending games from carrying firearms. According to an article posted on The Blaze, the new NFL policy reportedly prohibits all law enforcement personnel from carrying their firearms into all NFL stadiums.

Police in Cleveland, Ohio told that they received an internal member on September 11 from the NFL that said all off-duty federal, state and local law enforcement personnel are not allowed to carry firearms at NFL facilities.

An NFL spokesperson did not immediately return multiple requests for comment.

But according to, a spokesman explained that the new policy was implemented after deciding it “enhance the game day experience.”

The Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association (CPPA) opposes the new policy, telling WJW officers do not like to disarm themselves.

“A police officer is never happy to give up his service weapon, especially when we have the right to carry it, you know, 24 hours 7 days a week and we’re upheld by our oath too to protect and serve the public on or off duty,” said Jeff Follmer, president of the CPPA.

“We are police officers 24/7,” Follmer added to “I don’t know why anyone would want to disarm a police officer.”

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Contact NFL give them a piece of your mind tell them how they are violating the law
written by john q law, October 09, 2013

Their phone number is (212) 450-2000 Ask for the PR department if you wish to let them know your feeling on the matter. They did confirm that this is a new NFL policy. I was told that I was the first to complain about it. I asked for a link to read the policy but they said none was available at this time.
UC Copper
written by Scott D, October 19, 2013
BAD Idea! Once you start setting this type of precedence it will creep into other sports venues and so on and so on. Where does it end?
written by Duane Gordon, December 05, 2013
less not forget it appears that the NFL itself will now have a policy in direct conflict of the law H.R. 218 (2004 a;2011 a;2013) which gives active on or off duty and retired officers the right and it has already cost some one money as they did not know of or chose to ignore this law that is now going on 10 years old and is very clear.

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