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Written by Jose Torres   

There are clearly some issues with mental health and the law enforcement profession. But as challenging as dealing with issues like depression, addiction and anger management affecting public safety professionals might be, it’s nothing compared to the mental health crisis among US military personnel. The fact that it takes more than a year for many vets to receive and audience with the VA is obviously not helping. But even if we did provide adequate health care for our soldiers the fact remains that a shortsighted reduction in standards for recruits has had a disastrous impact on morale.

It’s also producing horror stories that are so disturbing that some of the incidents are actually hard to believe- until you reward the police reports.

U.S. Marine Stephen Lewis, a private first class stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California, was arrested recently after arranging to have sex with an entire family, including a 12 year old boy and an eleven year-old girl.

But the family the Marine thought he was talking to was actually an undercover Department of Homeland Security agent on the incest website family4love.com.

Speaking of DHS, you have to give those guys credit. While other federal agencies like the EPA and the Commerce Dept. have furloughed as many as 95 percent of employees, DHS is designated “essential service.” They only had to send 14 percent of that agency’s quarter of amillion employees home without pay.

If you’ve worked sex crimes, or stings like the one set up by DHS, you’re probably familiar with how this stuff works.

The website Smoking Gun details some the texting between Lewis and the agent:

“Who would I have sex with?” Lewis asked the undercover, who answered, “either son or dau.” The Marine later texted, “I’d make love to all 3 of you.”

The following day the DHS “detective” asked about “any fantasies that u want fulfilled with my dau.”

If you want the sick details you can check the web for more articles. We can’t print the kind of crap that was being discussed.

According to the federal court filing, Lewis had a prize in mind for the kids he would be having sex with.

On September 12, 2013, Lewis told Special Agent Beagle that he would buy masks to be worn while recording sex acts between himself and the children.

It was unclear from several stories whether Beagle is the DHS “undercover.”

Lewis indicated that he intended to would bring Marine Corps shirts as gifts for the children.

Lewis was arrested in the early morning hours of September 14 after driving 400 miles north to meet up with the “father” at a Starbucks.

Lewis also admitted to having images of child pornography on his phone and on his computer. He is currently being investigated for multiple felonies, including enticement of children and possession of child pornography.

It was only a matter of time before DHS got into the public safety game as well as policing the military.

That appears to be a done deal.

The fact that DHS is using “undercover” “special agents” to investigate sex crimes and set up stings is probably news to most folks.

That’s bad news if you’re a cop. Why? Because DHS is an agency without a clearly defined mission, money to spend and more than 250,000 employees.

From the cop-haters perspective, that’s 250,000 greedy public employee union members that can be replaced in a heartbeat. Think of all the savings for taxpayers!

In addition, interoperability and inter-agency cooperation and coordination will not be an issue with a national police force where employees work for the same boss- a political appointee of whichever president is currently in office.

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