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Written by Jose Torres   

According to an article posted at Raw Story, the Sheriff’s Department in Buchanan County, Missouri has begun using 80,000-volt enhanced handcuffs for prisoner transfers and some court appearances. While many are concerned about the safety of the devices, KQTV-TV reported that sheriff’s officials aren’t concerned that the devices might be dangerous.

“It affects the muscles of the body and it doesn’t really affect anything else,” Captain Jody Hovey told KQTV.

“Everyone says it affects your heart, and it does not. What it does really is it just sends a charge through the body that locks up your muscles.”

It’s hard to imagine how sending 80,000 volts into a human body would not effect heart rates but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

Hovey told KQTV reporters that the “stun cuffs,” are tied around a prisoner’s arm or leg and can be operated by remote control from as far as 100 yards away.

Currently the agency is only using two sets of “stun cuffs,” that cost$2,200 each.

The agency plans to order more but they say there are some “bugs and kinks” that need to be corrected before they do so.

Capt. Hovey explained to KQTV that prisoners will be informed of the handcuffs’ voltage capacity before being forced to wear them.

“It’s definitely a lot safer for the officers,” Hovey told KQTV. “So if the inmate wants to start fighting you, you don’t have to go hands-on.”

Whether or not the devices are safe for prisoners is another matter that probably won’t be resolved until more of the products are in use.

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