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In the UK, members of Parliament, reacting to a spate of police corruption allegations and other scandals, have recommended that a scale of fines be introduced for police misconduct. For cops who commit serious offenses, the MPs recommended that the recently-formed professional standards body, the College of Policing, should "establish a scale of fines which should be docked from officers' pensions in cases of the most grave misconduct."

The Home Affairs Select Committee also called for a new code of ethics for all officers in England and Wales.

Some of the scandals involve alleged corrupt payments by journalists to police and other public officials and so-called "gaming the crime statistics" where officers and agencies are accused of manipulating the crime recording figures to make themselves appear more successful than they are.

One officer told the Parliamentary committee that colleagues tempted to commit wrongdoing often weighed up what they stood to lose and their pension was seen as a big financial incentive to "keep your nose clean."

But the committee said it had learned of numerous cases where police officers facing corruption allegations had retired to avoid disciplinary proceedings and had suffered no financial penalty.

Currently there is no way to prevent such resignations, although the government is planning to change the system so that all disciplinary hearings will be taken to their conclusions even if the officer in question resigns or retires.

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retired citizen
written by David Jones, November 13, 2013
We need better laws to correct corrupt cops and district attorneys from planting drugs,telling lies under oath,refusing medical aid to jail inmates,and if something isn't done about this here in America then it could lead to a revolt.We don't have police protection here,rather we need protection from some of the police.They do what they want to people and nothing is done to stop them.

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