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Written by Sgt. David L. Malhalab (Ret.)   

Detroit needs help! 800 rapes - 11 detectives - 72 case files each (July 2013) Bodies in the street and response times close to an hour. We bailed out the banks. We bailed out the auto companies. We can't we bail out one of our own great cities? Congress needs to send grant money to Detroit...Now...

Detroit needs to hire 500 - 1,000 new police officers, now - (before that it needs to raise its hiring standards) but it can't do it without an immediate infusion of state and federal grant money (homeland security, law enforcement etc - whatever). EMF Kevyn Orr, Governor Synder, Mayor Bing, and City Council need to go to Lansing and Washington and request grant money - to save lives. People are dying in the streets of Detroit, women are being raped, homes, churches, businesses are being broken into, people are being shot in the streets (10 in 12 hours), and Detroit Police cannot properly respond to these crimes.
"There's someone trying to get in my house! An hour? But this is an emergency!"

(Editor’s note: Do you know what an Abandonment Zone is? If not, you might want to start paying attention to what’s happening in Detroit. Corruption and mismanagement of every stripe have put Detroit so deep in the hole that they might not make it out. Thousands of public safety retirees are likely to see their pensions vanish into thin air to please the gods of the free market. Residents wait an hour for police, fire and EMTs to respond to emergencies- and that’s if they can find a working vehicle in which to respond.
In modern American life where everything gets reduced to democrat vs. republican, conservative vs. liberal, most people are more interested in playing the blame game rather than thinking about solutions. And that’s a big mistake.
Detroit, and the misery, pain and fear gripping the city is not an isolated event and it’s not just an accident. In fact many people consider Detroit to be a huge success story. But how could that be? How could someone think of Detroit as a success?
Well the folks at the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Chamber of Commerce are pleased as punch about what’s happening. The greedy public servants won’t get their inflated pensions and benefits simply due to an executive order by the governor. And they get to sell all the parks, buildings and anything else with the word “public” attached to it.
If it works there, it can work anywhere.
For the people that would like to ban unions and privatize public safety Detroit is indeed an exciting glimpse into the future. It’s a future in which where residents live in fear because they’re inhabitants of a lawless urban hellscape. That presents great market opportunities for the private sector.
For some folks the tale of Detroit is just too depressing to spend too much time on. But if you’re a cop in a city or county with budget issues you might want to pay close attention to the Motor City.
There’s a local reporter named Charlie LeDuff who’s been there from the jump and knows all the details. Check out his hysterically funny Youtube videos and he’s also written a great book on the subject that’s near and dear to his heart as a hometown boy. The book is “Detropia, an American Autopsy,” by Charlie LeDuff.))
Watch LeDuff play nine holes in Detroit:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9uzDelNvDg
Here's the book jacket:
Now back to Mr. Malhalab:
"I have emailed the media numerous times that - crime in Detroit is underreported !!! The crimes stats lie - and with xPC Godbee's disastrous decision to close precinct stations, for 'virtual precincts' it destroyed a vital police-community relations meeting point. Now that PC Craig has reopened the precincts, he needs to staff them !!! He needs officers in these precincts to take police reports and to meet the other needs of residents and crime victims that precincts offer.
'Boots on the ground' does not equate to servicing Detroit residents policing needs.
Detroit police can not properly respond to 'crimes in progress' let alone respond to take reports and to collect evidence, at the scene of the crime - if they can't collect evidence, they can't solve crimes - so the vortex of crime spins on and on. If their are not enough detectives to investigate rapes, there is not enough detectives to investigate, homicides, home invasions, felonious assaults, robberies, and assaults.
EMF Orr made a disastrous decision - today - to betray the Lieutenants Sergeant Association and the Detroit Fire Fighters Association by imposing pay and benefit cuts, without negotiations, after promising not to do so until the end of 2013.
This decision will effect police and fire services, by pushing members to retire. It will effect the supervisory personnel needed under the Department of Justice Consent Decrees.
The Detroit Police Department and Detroit Fire Department need HELP - to serve the public, it needs money now.
Its time for Synder and Orr to stand up - and deliver, 'bankruptcy' cannot be used as an excuse while Detroit residents are being robbed, raped and murdered.
Submitted by Sgt. David L. Malhalab (Ret.)
Detroit Police Dept.

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Let it go
written by Tim, August 01, 2013
Detroit voters voted for this. They asked for it, electing chronically corrupt politicians, gutting budgets, police pay and benefits. They chased out job creators and business. This is their bed. I resent the idea that now the rest of us have to fix it. Besides, throwing money at them won't change the underlying problem of mismanagement and corruption.

Let the city crumble and when everyone finally flees we can turn it into a monument to nanny government.

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