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Written by Jose Torres   

According to FoxNews.com, the police chief of St. Louis reportedly wants drones to fight street crime. If his paperwork goes through, the unmanned aerial devices could be in city skies within a year.

KSDK.com reported that St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson has gotten the ball rolling on paperwork by writing Federal Aviation Administration officials for a green light.
So why drones boss?

"To help keep officers safe, to help keep the community safe,” Dotson explained. “For monitoring public space, things like the upcoming Fair St. Louis, baseball games for terrorist, suspicious activity.”

Drones are more cost-effective than helicopters and police officers so a lot of agencies are hoping the UAVs will help them reduce labor costs.

Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri, said there are too many unanswered questions without local laws in place. When the ACLU and guys like Rand Paul wind up on the same page you know something big is happening.

"This is a case where our technology has gotten far ahead of our laws and our ability to protect us from unwarranted government intrusion," Mittman told reporters.

"What are we going to do with the information that we gather? Who will have access to it? How will we protect against improper access? How will we protect against hacking of the data?”

Another interesting issue not discussed by police officials or the multinational companies that manufacture the drones is the potential for the hacking of the drones themselves.

If you can hack a car you can most definitely hack a drone.

And check out this video for the quantum leap in car hacking- scary stuff:

car hack

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