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Written by Jose Torres   

Sometimes you really just have to shake your head about the quality of some of the people in the law enforcement profession. Usually, when a cop makes a complete ass of his or herself via the Internet it’s good for a laugh. But there’s nothing funny about the judgement and character of Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler.

One might be willing to cut the chief some slack when you consider the fact that he polices a town with a population of about 700 people. That is, until you see the videos.

According to an article on the website Raw Story, a video that has exploded on the internet features police chief Mark Kessler says that Democrats are the real enemies of America and that he thinks liberals “Take it in the A.”

Let’s see what this clown had to say via Youtube that cause all the commotion:
“F*ck all you libtards out there, as a matter of fact, read my shirt,” he says, turning around to show a message on his back which read, “Liberals take it in the a**.”
“You take it in the ass and I don’t give a f*ck what you say so you can all just go f*ck yourselves. Period. I wont be going to D.C. and I don’t give a f*ck. If you f*cking maniacs want to turn this into an armed revolt, knock yourselves out. I’m not about that, so see you on the other side.”

above: Chief Kessler's militia; Constitutional Security Force. Chief Kessler's second from right.

Keep in mind that this guy’s a police chief with powers of arrest- scary stuff.

Ordinarily this would be grounds for immediate dismissal. But the mayor of Gilberton is standing by her chief despite the series of profanity-laced and threatening videos.

Mayor Mary Lou Hannon told The Morning Call that Kessler had the right to express himself. The city would “not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

Odds are she’s not a Democrat.

After the hubbub over the first idiotic video the chief posted, he did the opposite of what most normal people would do. Instead of apologizing he doubled down with another Youtube classic.

In the second video, one of many on the chief’s Youtube channel, Kessler repeatedly tells those upset by his use of profanity to “go f*ck yourself” as he fires various automatic weapons.

While a lot of law enforcement professionals are working hard at diffusing rage and reducing violence, Kessler’s gone the other way.

In a video on basic pistol defense, Kessler repeatedly shoots a picture of a scary clown, which he says is Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). He calls Secretary of State John Kerry a “c*cksucker” in another video before firing off an automatic weapon.

Recently on his Facebook page, Kessler called for a massive rally to “show these tyrants we will not stand for any more violations on our constitution or our freedoms.”
“I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia members, all true oath keepers to assemble, be ready to march on a tyrannical county government right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania, democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution, along with liberal news agency’s , liberal news reporters, much like hitlers nazis , time we clean these antiamerican thugs from office,” he wrote.

Even for Hicksville, PA this is some scary crap.

It would be fascinating to find out what Kessler’s fellow oath keepers think about this guy as an ambassador for the movement.

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Well, his force ins't accredited and I'm not sure he is properly certified to be a police officer.
written by Michael, July 27, 2013
The PA Police Accreditation Coalition have said that Kessler "and his agency are not members of our body." That body is a subset of The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

Additionally, I am curious as to whether he is Act 120 Certified (37 PA. CS § 203.1 et seq.), which is the section of Pennsylvania law which approves people to actually carry out police duties.

Additionally, his private army ("Chief Kessler's Constitution Security Force") may be illegal under 18 PA. CS. S. s 5515. It probably wasn't constituted in accordance with the US Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 16. And the case of Presser v. Illinois, 116 U.S. 252 (1886) makes it clear that the Second Amendment DOES NOT protect his private army.

I can also add that Mayor Hannon and Kessler were sued in Wagner v. Hannon, et al.. Case No.: 3:11-cv-01843-UN2, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania for an illegal arrest. A judgment was entered with the court in favor of Councilman Wagner in the amount of $15,000 in January 2012.

And he did shoot himself in the hand in Girardville bar fight in August 2011 (see the Pottsville Republican-Herald).

This is truly a case of Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Maybe some REAL LEOs will check him out.

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