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Written by Mark Nichols   

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” “The job will get you as#, but the a*s will get your job.” Whatever saying or metaphor one chooses to sum things up at the Lakeland, Florida PD one thing’s for sure. This is one epic sex scandal. For those not following the case, revelations emerged recently that a rather large number of Lakeland police personnel were having sex with a civilian crime scene analyst.

According to the New York Daily News, Sue Eberle, 37, has been identified as the employee at the Lakeland Police Department who triggered a state investigation after claiming she had consensual and coerced sex with about a dozen officers.

Eberle is now saying that while she did want to have sex with some of the officers, she was also coerced into sex by officers that told her she would be fired if she rebuffed their advances.

"They told me, “No, you gotta do that. It’s either this, or you don’t have your job,”’ Sue Eberle told investigators about feeling coerced to engage in sexual contact with some officers.
Sue Eberle via facebook

Needless to say the sordid details of the scandal are the kind of thing newspapers just love to print.

Eberle, 37, told state investigators that she has had consensual and coerced sex with officers in patrol cars, a church and even outside the funeral reception for a slain cop.

The series of sexual liaisons took place over seven years with as many as a dozen officers.

Some of the tales told are rather strange- like one instance Eberle described for investigators when Capt. John Thomason allegedly grabbed her cell phone and went into a bathroom to take a picture of his genitals.

“When he came back he was kind of laughing it off,” she said.

Thomason, 55, had been on administrative leave since last month, and the department planned to fire him. He retired.

“I recognize that each of us are only human and it is that human quality that makes each of you special and it is also that quality that can fail,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

Eberle also told investigators she had sex at the Without Walls International Church with Officer Steve Sherman, who resigned earlier this year. A sergeant had reported the couple’s suspicious activity, which prompted the nearly three-month investigation.

“I think it had a couch in there and it had a chair, and that was the room we had sex at,” Eberle said about using the church for her hookups.

Captain John H. Thomason allegedly talked to Eberle about sex and sent her a cell phone picture of his penis.

Eberle’s accounts of the liaisons were largely confirmed by her sexual partners and others within the police department.

The sexcapades were also published in a graphic, 59-page report written in an incredulous tone by Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill.

The report suggests crime fighting might have suffered because police personnel were too busy having sex to get any real work done.

“The investigation revealed an extraordinary amount of sexual conduct that was committed both on-duty and off-duty,” Hill wrote in the report dated June 25. “We find the conduct of a number of sworn officers, including some officers of rank, to be at best a waste of taxpayer dollars. At worst their actions indicate a moral bankruptcy that exists amongst some individuals within the ranks at the Lakeland Police Department.”

“She was a target. She was weak. And they knew that they could take advantage of that, so they preyed upon her. They preyed upon her, and that’s what’s so sick about it,” Eberle’s attorney, David Linesch, said during a recent news conference.

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