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Written by Mark Nichols   

Dog the bounty hunter and Mrs. Dog recently sat down for a televised interview to discuss Dog’s new hustle where he “trains” other bail bondsmen and, according to Dog, police officers as well, in the fine art of…well…whatever it is that Dog does.

 When you’re a washed up biker and human car wreck meets "Don't do Meth!" public service announcement poster like Duane “Dog” , it’s pretty easy to get on television.

The interviewer asked Chapman if he encountered any surprises during his latest made for t.v. adventures. Was there anything he found enlightening about the bondsmen and cops he was training?

“Were there any surprises?” the interviewer asked.

You really have to wonder what the hell exactly happened to professional police training when guys like Chapman and Steven Seagal, civilians with no applicable experience, are being paid to shower actual peace officers with their wisdom.

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written by Josh, May 17, 2013
My only issue with the article is that the author didn't do much research or provide much else outside of personal opinion when writing it. The truth is that Steven Segal, like him or not, has been a certified and commsissioned law enforcement officer for many years now. He may be fat and out of shape, and a terrible actor, but he is a martial arts expert as well as a respected trainer in de-escalation methods and tactics. Dog, whom I personally do not care for, has been in the bounty hunting business for decades. His job is a dangerous one, and because of his felony convictions (not his moral fiber) he is unable to perform his job with the benefit of a firearm. This has made it necessary for Dog to use less-lethal and non-physical methods to apprehend his subjects. This requires skill and finesse. Also, and again- like him or not, Dog is genuinely good at what he does. Most of what you see on TV is made-for-TV, but Dog is one of the best skip-tracers and trackers there is.

The point is, like them or not, and I don't, they both DO in fact have skillsets that bonafide law enforcement could find useful.

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