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Written by Mark Nichols   

After the Sandy Hook Massacre, there have been a lot of calls to arm the nation’s schoolteachers. But according to a recent Associated Press report, that idea may be little more complicated than just handing out firearms and calling it a day. In Vermont, a Bennington high school teacher has been hospitalized following a mental health evaluation that came after he was spotted carrying the same kind of assault rifle used by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut.

The hospitalization came after the teacher made a series of comments about the school where he works that some found disturbing, police said.

According to the article, Steven Davis, a long-time science and math teacher at Mount Anthony Union High School, voluntarily went to the hospital after neighbors asked police to do a welfare check because he was spotted carrying the rifle to his car, said Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette.

In addition to the rifle, police recovered about 500 rounds of ammunition and two magazines.

"This weapon was in a case. It has a trigger lock installed, but it was alarming to find two, 30-round, high-capacity magazines loaded," Doucette told reporters.

Davis told police he was going to take the weapon to a storage unit.

The Bennington Banner, the local paper, reported that after the welfare check, Davis' wife and children went to stay with a relative. The wife then sought a restraining order. In the order, his wife said she was unaware that Davis owned a gun and she had noticed a change in Davis' personality recently.

Just prior to his hospitalization, Davis began posting videos that criticized school administrators, the teachers union and co-workers, and others.

Davis also sent a school-wide email saying he would "remove the union and all of the teachers who are negatively affecting the children in this town."

"We were getting inundated with telephone calls from school teachers because he was sending out emails. He was posting stuff on Facebook and it became disturbing to some people," Doucette said.
In a phone message Davis left at the Banner recently, Davis said he did not intend to harm others.

"A very bad man recently used a similar rifle to hurt lots of boys and girls. Right now some people think I am like that bad man. I am not anything like that bad man," he said.

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Arm the Teachers, Custodians, and Cooks if it Will Save My Child from a School Shooter
written by Richard Neil, February 24, 2013
The concern you raise is the same one I hear from people who think we shouldn't arm the police. They ask, "What guarantee is there that a cop won't go off the deep end?" There is none, but we do the best we can with background checks, psych examinations, and training to avoid such things. Every day in America there is a law enforcement officer who is fired or charged with a crime. Should we disarm the rest of our officers just in case? Of course not.
The same due diligence would have to be done for those teachers and staff members who volunteer to serve in such a program. There have been school with successful programs like these for years. It is not a new or untested idea. Just uncomfortable. I am for anyone who wants to change our culture for the better but that will never solve the issue of school shooters. We can't brain wash everyone into believing the same thing and caring for their fellow human beings. While we focus our energy on changing the culture, our children will still be getting killed while waiting for us to take action.

It feels safer to do nothing and hope for the best but that won't save anyone. Action is the only way to make a difference.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

Arming teachers and school staff members may be one of the best methods available to protect your child and mine from a killer.
Teachers are Willing to Help by the Thousands
written by Richard Neil, February 24, 2013
One organization, The Buckeye Firearms Foundation, in Ohio offering free firearms training to teachers has received over 1,000 application from educators who are willing to take action if the worst happens...

“Based on the current 1,000 applicants, about 60% are men and 40% are women,” BFA wrote. “More than 70% are teachers, 14% are administrators, and the balance are office staff and other employees. About 85% work in public schools and over 50% work in high schools. There’s a fairly even distribution among urban, suburban, and rural schools.”

“About 55% have moderate to extensive firearm experience, 70% have experience with handguns, and more than 40% already have a license to carry a concealed firearm. A number of these applicants are ex-military and former law enforcement.”

“Even a full SWAT team can’t guarantee absolute safety in any given school,” BFA acknowledged. “What we can guarantee is that if a school has no one on-site who can respond to an active killer threat, people are going to die until someone can respond. Dozens of people can be killed in just 5 or 10 minutes. So fast response is essential.”
Bad idea
written by Mike, February 25, 2013
Arming teachers is a very bad idea. Going through a 2 week class shooting at a paper target from 7 yds is not the same as firearms training for a police officer. I don't know about some of you, but my training over the last 12 yrs has been very intense. I have also been involved in 4 gun fights, one of which I was able to fire my weapon and take down the shooter. Teachers do not have the training/experience to watch their background or asses the situation like a cop would. And more importantly, when the police do arrive they are going to see a person holding a gun thinking they are the shooter, which will result in a teacher being shot. Teachers went to school to educate children, not protect the public. If they wanted to do that, they would/should have joined the police force.
written by Bill, February 26, 2013
Adam Lands did not use the "assault rifle" during the course of the Newtown massacre. The rifle was located in the car. He did use two pistols with high capacity magazines. Please get the story correct, unless you are lying to support the assault weapons ban that again was not used. Thanks

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