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Written by Mark Nichols   

In a recent issue of American Police Beat we’ve got a story about university officials in Pennsylvania thinking about contracting out public safety to the private sector. But based on the difference in the training, competence and performance of certified cops as opposed to security guards it seems like kind of a shortsighted way to cut costs. In a recent article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Marquette University Department of Public Safety officer who saved two people from a smoldering bus after it collided with another vehicle said he was just doing his job.

Officer Daniel Hernandez responded ton the accident, in which Contessa Holt, 27, of Milwaukee was killed, after a woman flagged him down on patrol.

The woman only told him that she had heard a loud crash.

Hernandez saw a crowd gathered around a school bus without its front end and something that looked like a Chevrolet Suburban.

Both vehicles were smoldering Hernandez said. He saw flames in the Suburban- getting bigger. Hernandez called a dispatcher for additional help, positioned his squad car to block traffic and ran towards the burning vehicles.

When he got closer to the bus he could hear screaming from a child and a woman inside.

"At that point, because the bus was smoldering, I decided to go inside and see if I could render any aid," Hernandez said.

He cleared the smashed door and grabbed up a kid. The boy was clearly in shock and bleeding from the nose and mouth. Hernandez handed the boy to bystander before turning his attention to the bus driver.

"She kept telling me, 'I can't move,' and I just kept telling her to hang onto me," Hernandez said.

Hernandez grabbed her up to and brought her to safety.

Hernandez then ran back to the bus to check the aisles for other children.

When he knew everyone was out the officer jumped out the back emergency assisted three other public-safety officers who had arrived and were trying to extinguish the flames in the other vehicle.

Hernandez was quick to credit his fellow cops rather than take any credit.

"I work with a bunch of great guys who were coming to back me up regardless," Hernandez said. "To me, I don't worry too much when I know that."

Being a former Marine doesn’t hurt either.

"I knew people's lives were in danger, and it's my job," Hernandez said when asked if he was worried for his own safety.

Another Marquette officer on the scene, Cpl. Andrew Wellman, praised Hernandez and the other officers for responding to the accident immediately.

"I can't stress how proud the department is of all the officers involved," Wellman said. "That's what we're here for. That's what we train for."

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Saftey Security Officer and Reserve Police Office as well as Firefighter/EMT
written by Cody, July 30, 2012
This article does not really discuss law enforcment versus security. I work for both a Police Department as well as a private Security company. Our company hires off duty officers as well as others. We are all certified to carry firearms and all do a very good job. Slamming private sector is not right. They do just as good of a job as the rest of us. The police department here also hires US to do work with and for them. You need to rethink private sector security as they can be very effective as well.

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