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Written by Mark Nichols   

In New York City recently, a pair of Manhattan cops got the rock star treatment after they made an incredible save. "We are really grateful," the baby's mom, Chinese McCaskey, said at St. Luke's Hospital according to the New York Daily News. "It was like a movie," McCaskey went on to tell reporters. The officers, Eric Sorensen, 35, and Brian Dennis, 47, were called to the McCaskey home where new baby Zoe McCaskey's desperate mom had called 911 for help.


But time was running out and the family decided to call a cab as opposed to waiting for the police. By the time the officers arrived, McCaskey, her teen-age son and the baby had already jumped in a livery cab and were heading to a hospital.

Sorensen and Dennis decided it would be better to be safe rather than sorry and drove after the cab to make sure the mother and her new baby got to the hospital all right. That decision probably saved the infant's life. When they reached the cab they found a hysterical woman, a newborn and a freaked out kid (McCaskey's son.)

"The mother was in the back seat with the baby in her arms. She was panic-stricken," recounted Dennis, a 16-year veteran cop. The cops quickly moved little Zoe into the back seat of their patrol car. Sorenson drove and Dennis went to work in an effort to revive the infant. "She had gone into cardiac arrest," Dennis told the Daily News.

"The baby was lifeless. "I started doing chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But it was one step forward and one step back. "A minute later the baby's heart had started beating, but she still wasn't breathing," Dennis said. Patrol cars from several precincts stopped traffic at cross streets as Sorensen raced towards St. Luke's Hospital at West 113th Street.

"The dispatcher put the hospital on notice that they were going get a baby in cardiac arrest," Dennis said. Most of the time when a baby throws up it's a pain in the butt and you have to change shirts- but not this time. "As we turned onto 113th, the baby vomited and started breathing again.

Inside the St. Luke's trauma room, the baby, Zoe McCaskey, started crying. Doctors say she's doing fine, and she was expected to be released shortly after this article was written.

Emergency room physicians said the little girl's breathing problem was probably brought on by a sudden bout of acid reflux, which can induce vomiting that can get in the way of breathing.

"I was so relieved that she was safe, and that the officers got her here breathing," said Cory McCaskey, the baby's father.

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written by Dolores Palmieri, May 05, 2011

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