No "Hands Up" For Pants Down E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
According to a report by the Associated Press, a judge in Florida has decided a local law banning sagging pants is unconstitutional after a teenager spent a night in jail.


Julius Hart, 17, was charged recently after an officer said he spotted the teenager riding his bicycle while exposing and estimated 4 to 5 inches of blue-and-black boxer shorts.

The youth was determined to be in violation of the law’s clause on acceptable underwear visibility and arrested on the spot.

Hart's public defender, Carol Bickerstaff, urged the judge hearing the case to strike down the sagging-pants law, telling him, "Your honor, we now have the fashion police."

Circuit Judge Paul Moyle ruled that the law was unconstitutional based on "the limited facts" of the case. But the charge hasn't been dropped yet by the local D.A.'s office.

Voters in Riviera Beach, Florida approved the local law last March. A first offense for sagging pants carries a $150 fine or community service, and “habitual offenders” face the possibility of jail time.

Bickerstaff said she wants the city to drop the law regardless of different ideas about what’s proper attire.

"The first time I saw this particular fashion, I disliked it," she told the judge. "And then I realized I'm getting old."

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