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According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, a judge has dismissed charges against a fired Dallas police officer. The officer in question, Daniel Babb, was accused of shoving a man to the ground and lying in a police report about the man's August 2009 arrest. Babb, 33, had faced one felony count of official oppression and a misdemeanor count of tampering with a government document. He had been scheduled to go to trial.

But prosecutors asked the court to dismiss the charges because the man "has refused to cooperate," according to a motion filed with the court.

"We're pleased that the charges have been dropped against Daniel," Babb's attorney, Ted Steinke, told Dallas Morning News reporter Tanya Eiserer. "He's always maintained his innocence from Day 1."

Babb was fired in September 2010. Steinke said Babb will now start the process of trying to get his job back through the city's administrative appeals process.

The criminal charges stemmed from a domestic disturbance that Babb and other officers responded to in August 2009.
According to a police report, a 21-year-old man identified as Jorge Torres grabbed a 14-year-old boy and held him while another man hit him. According to police reports, the responding officers asked Torres for his name.

The report states Torres was sitting on a curb until Babb told him he could stand up.

Babb wrote in a report that once Torres stood up, he "felt threatened" and "used a balance displacement technique," causing Torres to fall back, trip over the curb and fall to the ground. The report describes Torres as agitated, intoxicated and uncooperative.

Torres suffered no serious injuries as a result of the fall. An injury to a child charge against Torres was subsequently dropped. Another officer notified a sergeant that Babb shoved Torres to the ground for no reason and that the officer thought Torres had hit his head when he fell.

Babb then told the sergeant during a telephone conversation that he lost his temper and shoved Torres.

But Babb later told detectives that he "oversimplified the incident" to the sergeant.

He told investigators that Torres was agitated and not cooperating and that he tapped Torres' chest to regain his attention and distract him from thinking about where to run, which caused Torres to lose his balance and fall.

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