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Elbeco has been awarded the 2012 UNIVATOR Award for product innovation by the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD).   The Company was recognized for its innovation in developing the V1 TexTrop External Vest Carrier to meet the needs of law enforcement officers throughout North America.

Elbeco is one of eight organizations to receive the 2012 UNIVATOR Award, which is bestowed annually to recognize innovation within the uniform industry.   According to NAUMD, “When it comes to police uniforms, officer safety should always come first. Elbeco’s V1 TexTrop External Vest Carrier allows all officers to wear a ballistic vest comfortably and discreetly, helping keep them safe without creating an overly tactical look. When officers are able to maintain their professional appearance without compromising their safety, they’re more likely to wear their protective gear and wear it properly.”

The Company launched its V1 TexTrop External Vest Carrier in October 2011, in response to officers’ need for a more comfortable ballistic vest carrier option that maintained a professional uniform look.  Prior to its creation, officers had two options: (1) wear the ballistic vest externally over a uniform shirt and settle for a tactical, less professional appearance; or (2) utilize an internal vest carrier, which required officers to wear their vest under their shirts, sacrificing comfort.  Through extensive testing, and input from officers throughout North America, Elbeco engineered the V1 to solve the officers’ problems without sacrificing safety or performance.   

When designing the V1, Elbeco consulted extensively with law enforcement officers and chiefs of police, soliciting their input and feedback throughout the process. J.D. Devine, director of sales and business development for Elbeco, explains the concerns that officers expressed: “First and foremost, everyone involved wanted to be certain that officer safety was not compromised in any way. The officers wanted assurance from their protective vest manufacturers that our product would not invalidate any warranty claims.” Elbeco was able to deliver this assurance, and offer the comfort, performance and look agencies required.

Elbeco has been manufacturing uniforms for Police, Fire, EMS, Postal, Tactical, and Transportation personnel for over 100 years. With approximately 300 union-represented associates, the company is America's premier and largest manufacturer of union-made uniforms, supplying over 17,000 agencies and private companies across the U.S. and Canada. Elbeco services the uniform needs of this professional community through its network of over 400 authorized dealers. Additional information about Elbeco Incorporated and its products can be found at www.elbeco.com.

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