TerraLUX LED Flashlight Upgrades…an Officer’s Opinion E-mail


TerraLUX receives thank-you letters from new customers all the time. Recently, they received an especially good one from Corporal David S., an officer in Texas. He said he was fine with the letter being published, but he asked that his full name not be used.

"I have been in law enforcement for 14 years and can say that these [flashlight upgrades] are the best thing to have come along for us and every officer that sees it (especially for the first time) wants one. They love the LED and how bright it is, but do not want to get rid of the SL-20X. I can say that working at night I cycle my flashlights and do not typically stick them on the charger until they are dead.


"I had an experience about a week and a half ago where we were out looking for a suspect and I had forgotten my SL-20 in the car, so I was using my Stinger. The search took quite a long time and I noticed that my Stinger was dimmer than normal, but still brighter than most flashlights. When I got home, I switched the battery to a regular incandescent Stinger and found that while it still worked great out in the field with the LED upgrade, in the incandescent flashlight, the battery literally only lasted 2 to 3 seconds and then went dead. This kind of thing happened before with the SL-20, but it still amazes me how great these are.

"Thank you for what you and your company do. Yes we do a select job, but your products make our job safer and more efficient, especially when we work in the middle of the night. There is nothing like using a light that is not that bright, missing a suspect, only to have him attack you or get away because you could not see him (with that dim light). Your products help us to see more and feel more secure since it denies that darkness or privacy that they are used to!"

For more information on the TerraLUX LED upgrades for your duty flashlight, visit www.terraluxcorp.com

TerraLUX is not affiliated with Streamlight, Inc., which owns the STREAMLIGHT® trademark and the STINGER® line of trademarks. Streamlight Inc.'s trademarks are used here only to identify the flashlights with which TerraLUX intends its products to work. TerraLUX products are not made, endorsed, or sponsored by Streamlight, Inc.

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