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Company Provides Sponsorship and Product Support to C.O.P.S. for 12th Year

EAGLEVILLE, PA - May 11, 2011 -- Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of lighting tools for the law enforcement market, renewed its sponsorship of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) for the 12th year in a row with a contribution of cash and in-kind product donations. The company's contribution will help to fund C.O.P.S. observances during National Police Week, May 13-16, in Washington, D.C, an annual event honoring fallen officers and their families, as well as support programs held throughout the year.

DigitalPersona Simplifies CJIS Security Policy E-mail


The Criminal Justice information Services (CJIS) is raising the bar for information security in any public agency whose personnel access criminal and justice records as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice.

This is part of an overall effort by regulators to make sure citizens' information is protected against unauthorized access and accidental loss.

DigitalPersona provides organizations of all sizes with a powerful, flexible solution for preventing unauthorized access to data and computer systems.

Support C.O.P.S. Blue Ribbon Campaign E-mail


"Fly the Blue"

During National Police Week, the calendar week that includes May 15, Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) promotes blue ribbons tied on car antennas as a reminder to the public that many law enforcement officers have paid the ultimate price and given their lives in the line of duty. It is also to honor those officers who serve and protect our communities every day, year in and year out, putting their lives on the line for us, the citizens of those communities.

In 1995, C.O.P.S. initiated an annual public awareness campaign to educate Americans on the significance of Police Week and Peace Officers' Memorial Day. As part of this public awareness campaign, hundreds of thousands of blue ribbons imprinted with the C.O.P.S. logo are mailed each year. Law enforcement personnel are encouraged to tie blue ribbons to cruiser antennas. Citizens are encouraged to tie blue ribbons to their car antennas during National Police Week to show support for their local law enforcement officers and the sacrifices made by law enforcement families nationwide.

First "push to talk" communications over broadband network E-mail

Harris RF

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) recently announced that working with Nokia Siemens Networks, it conducted the wireless industry's first demonstration of push-to-talk (PTT) communication over a Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband network and a P25 network via Harris VIDA® technology. Using the existing Harris VIDA P25 network owned by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Harris and Nokia Siemens Networks integrated a LTE network with Harris' PTT voice over a P25 system, creating the first fully integrated network to successfully provide PTT voice communications over LTE and P25 networks.

"This demonstration proves that with Harris' LTE solution, powered by VIDA, users can have PTT voice fully integrated with a P25 network, including streaming video and data applications. Broadband, narrowband, public or private, our solution is the only offering that enables it all," said Steve Marschilok, president, Harris Public Safety and Professional Communications. "We've proven that push-to-talk over LTE is not only possible, but is a reality today. The combination of PTT voice, video and data on a single, integrated LTE network platform that is interoperable with P25 networks will bring unparalleled wireless functionality via a single comprehensive narrowband and broadband solution for the public safety market."

SureFire, grip switches and officer safety: the facts behind the allegations E-mail


Recently an article appeared in an email newsletter distributed by the Force Science News of the Force Science Institute, quoting its own Dr. Lewinski. The article and Dr. Lewinski make several troubling assertions that must be rebutted in the (long-term) interest of officer safety. The gist of the article and Lewinski is that grip-activated pistol-light switches are unsafe. I paraphrase (to clarify), quote, and respond to some of the more disturbing assertions below.

1) You cannot train officers to keep their finger off the trigger under stress. According to the article, "...despite training to the contrary, officers in high-stress situations tend to move the finger onto the trigger..."

Response: If true, this has nothing to do with grip-switches, but it would support a ban on the use of firearms in general. But obviously, it is not true; officers can be trained to keep their fingers off the trigger in high-stress situations. If the fact were otherwise there would be thousands of unintended discharges each day.

Sprint unveils new Gold Standard in Push-to-Talk E-mail


OVERLAND PARK, Kan., March 16, 2011 - Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced plans to expand its gold-standard push-to-talk leadership, unveiling fourth-quarter launch plans for next-generation push-to-talk capabilities powered by Sprint's broadband CDMA network. As part of the launch, Sprint will offer an initial set of handsets packed with features designed for workgroups that rely on push-to-talk and establish a new push-to-talk brand - Sprint® Direct Connect®.

Sprint Direct Connect service is being built to deliver higher bandwidth capacity to keep up with customers' demand for data. Sprint also is working to deliver enhanced applications on Sprint Direct Connect, best-ever in-building coverage and is planning to provide triple the square-mile reach of Sprint's current push-to-talk service.

It’s Never Too Late E-mail


By: Brooke McKay, C.O.P.S. Marketing Coordinator

It took John Manning sixteen years to reach out for help after his brother, Corporal Donald Manning with the Fort Worth (TX) Police Department, was shot and killed in the line of duty on June 27, 1993. For years, John struggled with the devastating loss of his brother, while he cared and worried about his four siblings and parents, but never took care of himself or asked for help.

"After a while, I thought I had dealt with my brother's death. It was behind me... it was a long time ago. I started having some issues at home with my temperament and it was overflowing into my work," stated John.

In 2009, John reached the boiling point with internalized anger. He started functioning negatively because he never acknowledged the anger stirring inside him for sixteen years! When John hit his breaking point, his boss pulled him aside to say something had to change. John went home from work that day determined to put a plan in place to turn his life around.

FNH USA Welcomes Erik Lund E-mail


FNH USA is pleased to welcome the noted 3-gun shooter Erik Lund to their competitive ranks. The holder of a USPSA Grand Master ranking, Lund has several state, regional and national 3-gun titles to his credit, and will be looking to add more gold to his trophy case as a member of the FNH USA competition group.

Known for his hard-charging shooting style, Lund has observed that in 3-gun competition "...if you don't fall off the edge once in a while, you'll never know where it's at."

"We are excited about this opportunity," noted Tommy Thacker of the FNH USA competition group. "Erik brings a ton of experience and provides another solid addition to FNH USA."

"I've shot with Erik over the past two years and we couldn't have found a better representative for sportsmanship and integrity," said Ken Pfau, Vice President of Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales at FNH USA. "We're honored to have him join the team."

Harris Corporation Awarded $15 Million Contract to Modernize Dane County, Wisconsin Public Safety Communication System E-mail

Harris RF

MELBOURNE, FL/BOSTON, MA March 7, 2011 -


· Harris P25IP solution to provide first responders from dozens of communities and agencies with a flexible and reliable communications network

· Solution provides highly reliable coverage benefitting first responders serving more than 490,000 residents

· Customized system designed specifically to meet needs of the City of Madison

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has signed a $15 million contract with Dane County, Wisconsin to upgrade the county's public safety communication system with a Harris P25IP (Project 25 to the power of Internet Protocol) solution. The standards-based, digital system will improve interoperable communications, increase system capacity and enhance network reliability for the public safety users throughout Dane County, which is home to more than 490,000 residents and the City of Madison, the state capital.

"Our legacy public safety communication system was not designed to the new federal standards, as well as the modern operation needs of the County, and we determined that the Harris P25IP solution meets the communications requirements of our public safety personnel," said Scott McDonell, County Board Chairperson, Dane County, Wisconsin. "The Harris solution allows us to gracefully migrate our existing systems to a P25IP radio system while maintaining a high level of emergency response capabilities."

DHS tests Harris Corporation’s Unity XG-100 multi-band radio E-mail


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorateannounced the kick-off of a 30-day multi-band radio pilot for emergency responders, to begin Friday during opening day of NASCAR events at the Phoenix International Raceway. Fifteen participating law enforcement and emergency management partners across the state will incorporate technology into their daily operations and provide feedback on its utility.

The multi-band radio enables police officers, firefighters, and other emergency response and management personnel to use a single mobile radio to communicate with multiple agencies and jurisdictions operating on different radio bands. The multi-band radio can replace up to five different radios and operate on a single radio band, at a cost comparable to just one of the existing high-end portable radios-providing responders with the cutting-edge communication capabilities necessary to successfully respond to emergencies.

National Police Week 2011: A Time to Rebuild Shattered Lives E-mail


by Brooke McKay, C.O.P.S. Marketing Coordinator

Since President John Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726 in 1962, May 15 has been National Peace Officers' Memorial Day, and the calendar week containing May 15 has been designated National Police Week.

National events are held in Washington, DC, for National Police Week to pay special tribute to the fallen heroes who have lost their lives in the line of duty and provide support for the surviving family members and affected co-workers. Law enforcement survivors will travel from across the country to honor their loved one at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service and to find strong peer support at the National Police Survivors' Conference where they can be with others who truly understand.

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