Written by Dan Stocking and John Marx   

Two Colorado State Patrol troopers face serious felony charges following a duty-related shooting in July, 2010 near Grand Junction, Colorado. Trooper Ivan “Gene” Lawyer and Corporal Kirk Firko are both ten year veterans with the Patrol. The most serious charge against Trooper Lawyer is Criminally Negligent Homicide and against Corporal Firko is First-degree Criminal Trespass.  Troopers were investigating a hit and run accident where witnesses reported that the suspects were possibly intoxicated. The troopers were attempting to contact the suspects at the time of the shooting incident.

State Patrol chief Colonial James Wolfinbarger stated in a news release, “Any loss of life is tragic, and our thoughts are with the Kemp family. At the same time, we remain concerned about our members. This is a very difficult time, especially for those who serve in the Grand Valley.

"The job of a law enforcement officer is extremely complex. Every day officers across this country are faced with situations that require split-second decisions that may have life or death consequences. I am fully confident in our judicial process, and now more than ever it is important not to rush to judgment by remaining objective and allowing the process to run its due course.”

Lawyer had separated from the State Patrol and only recently rejoined. He had not yet renewed his membership in the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals (ACSPP) and therefore was not covered with any legal fund assistance. Firko is a member of ACSPP, but he will still have some additional legal fees not covered.

Because Trooper Lawyer is faced with major legal expenses he has had to sell his pick-up truck and yet is unable to work because of workers compensation regulations. The State of Colorado has removed both troopers from paid leave, once the charges were official.

To assist these two Troopers with their legal defense mailed donations are being accepted through the ACSPP. Make the check out to the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals or ACSPP, note on the check that it is for the Lawyer/Firko Defense Fund.

Mail to:

Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals

55 Wadsworth Blvd.

Lakewood, CO 80226.

Credit Card donations can be made by phone, M-F 8-5 MST at 303-237-7439 and ask for Laurel Gillund or through the web site

Messages of support for the two Troopers may be sent through the same web site by clicking on “contact us”. We are retired police officers, who do not personally know either of these troopers.

Members of the State Patrol have informed us of the dedication and honor in which both troopers serve their State. Law Enforcement officers, who we have asked to serve and protect us, deserve the most vigorous legal defense.

Both of these troopers deserve our most generous legal support.

Please help in anyway possible and send this donation request on to other fellow offices and law enforcement supporters, both individuals and businesses.


- Dan Stocking, 31 years retired Littleton PD

- John Marx,     23 years, retired Westminster PD

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