Stress and children of the badge

Law enforcement children can develop traumatic stress vicariously by watching and listening to their parents who are experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. According to a 2002 study led by Rudy Arredondo, this exposure can cause symptoms such as hyper-arousal, intrusive thoughts, eating disorders and aggressive agitated behaviors. Children can even share the same memories or re-enact their parents’ trauma just by knowing that a traumatic event was experienced by the parent.

Blaming the cops just feels right

The media loves a good mass shooting like Elliot Rodger’s recent killing spree. Not only does it guarantee ratings- it’s also opportunity to blame police officers for our national mental health treatment crisis. Consider this opening line from an article posted by ABC News: “In the weeks and months leading to Friday's killing spree in Santa Barbara, local law enforcement confirmed they had interacted with the alleged killer multiple times. The news that police had spoken with Elliot Rodger before his alleged killing spree, which injured 13 and killed seven including Rodger, has drawn attention to how police officers are being called to act in mental health matters.”

Critical Information For Injured Officers Applying For Disability Retirement Benefits

Police officers put their lives on the line every day. They’d like support while performing their duties, but most would settle for simply being treated fairly. When it comes to disability retirement benefits, that’s not the case in what seems to be a growing number of instances. In recent years, states and municipalities, faced with budgetary constraints and other issues, have become less likely to grant benefits -- especially line of duty or “Accident Disability” pensions -- to worthy applicants. This has left many deserving retirees without the means to support themselves and their families, and bitterly wondering why the process seemed so unfair.

The Perforated Cross - A true story

The date was May 15th, 1977 when my life changed forever. I was a police officer with the Burbank Police Department in California. Working a special burglary suppression detail in plain clothes, I was driving an unmarked police vehicle. We had been experiencing numerous business burglaries in the Magnolia Park area of Burbank. I was patrolling the alleys behind the businesses, when I felt ill. It was five o'clock in the morning so I drove to the Police Department to request a few hours off. While standing in the Watch Commander's office an alert tone sounded. The alert was dispatched as "Burglary in Progress, Price Club."

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